Management Institute Empowers Staff to Become Leaders in Their Own Development

Project Focus

  • Performance Appraisal and Evaluation
  • Training Design and Delivery
  • Workplace Culture and Planning

As a new agency serving over 31,000 customers with 140 employees, IMPACT Community Action needed an effective employee development approach to expand the capacity of both the executive leadership team and mid-level managers. RAMA developed the IMPACT-ED Management Institute, a customized training program that addressed the strengths and challenges of staff in the areas of coaching, peer mentorship, effective communication, and embracing diversity.

RAMA assessed IMPACT staff’s leadership and service delivery skills and developed a course offering that provided relatable, real world skill development using interactive activities and technologies. IMPACT says that after this training, staff were better able to adapt their own skills and leverage those of others to achieve quality results toward agency objectives.  Another big plus – the agency implemented a consistent assessment framework for managers to participate in the design of their own management development plan.